Slayed into "Formation"

Beyonce' dropped a new song and video, "Formation" the night before Super Bowl 50, in time for her halftime performance on FLEEK with the halftime headliner, Coldplay. After her blazing halftime performance, Bey announced her "Formation" 2016 tour. Bey slayed us into formation by giving a big F*U to anyone denying Black culture and baby hair.

The excitement of the song lends itself to the Super Bowl excitement of the Bay. The San Francisco Bay Area has been on fire all week with #SB50 activities beginning with the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration in Oakland and the Warriors' 46th home game win, that Jay and Bey attended, putting the Warriors closer to breaking NBA records. Parties from Chris Brown, Snoop, Alicia Keys, and Rick Ross also lent to the celebratory weekend where Ludacris and other celebs used this opportunity to give back to fans and our U.S Service men and women in need. 

Fans of King B, as she's affectionately called, caused a bit of an uproar over the lyrics "When he f---k me good, I take him to Red Lobster." After hours later of responding, Red Lobster could only come back with "Cheddar Bey Biscuits" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?" The Beyhive shot back with "Is that all you got?" with some suggesting they fire their digital marketer. 

Overall, the video is beautifully shot with nods to New Orleans' past and present with Big Freeda in the background declaring "I came to Slay, B*tch!" Images can be lent to the Black Lives Matter Movement with a young boy in a hoodie who dances in front of a row of cops as "Stop shooting us" flashes across the screen, while Beyonce' stands on a submerged NOLA police car in a flood. 

T-shirts and bags are some of the items with the slogans from "Formation" that are on sale on Queen B's web store, Merch can be found stamped with quotable lyrics from the video such as "Hot Sauce", "You that b*tch when you cause all of this conversation", and "I twirl on them haters", that have social media wondering if she's a big fan of ROH shows Atlanta and Potomac where similar phrases are used. 

Bey is dress beautifully in Creole post-antebellum inspired outfits mixed in with modern pieces worn by her and her dancers. One of the cutest images, however, is a cut of Blue Ivy confidently rocking her afro as her Mama sings, "I like my baby hair with baby hair and afro". They Slay. OK! 



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