20,000 people watched An Argument with Jonez Cain

Based on true events, La Tretha E. Stroughter and Amalia E. Stroughter serve up intrigue and suspense in their short film, An Argument, where one word turns a pleasant lunch into a quarrel. The 15 minute short, produced by T.I.M.E.R.S. and directed by Christopher Ellis (Ceezar Films), stars Reginald Garner, Shakeel Sherman, Tina Gilton, and Hollywood newcomer Jonez Cain (Wives With Knives, Fruitvale Station). Viewers love it. In a short week, the film has garnered over 20K views since its February 8 release date, sparking conversation on the ways men and women communicate with each other. Team Stroughter is working on creating a television pilot from the film.

Cain, Garner, Gilton, and Sherman are a part of the Oakland indie film and television movement and have either worked together or supported their cast mates on the films Basketball 3:16, Watch Phoenix Rise, and The Shop.

The premiere of An Argument coincides with Jonez Cain’s debut of her own YouTube web series #THeGrind that chronicles her move from Oakland to Los Angeles, as she delves further into the acting arena.

See what the fuss is about watch An Argument on YouTube. Join the conversation; use the hashtag #AnArgument on Twitter and Facebook.


Shout out to my girls La Tretha and Amalia Stroughter! What a Blessing. I am so very proud of you both.
Anonymous said…
The CEO of T.I.M.E.R.S. "A Motion Picture & Music Production Company" Inc. would like to say thank you to Black Pearl Entertainment for this endorsement. She also sends thanks to Jonez Cain for participating in "An Argument". T.I.M.E.R.S. "A Motion Picture & Music Production Co." Inc. is looking forward to working with Ms. Cain again in the very near future.
~Sophia Carter-T.I.M.E.R.S. Inc. P.A.

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