Hip Hop and Healthcare

The music industry is perceived by many, that upon entry, life becomes a parade of luxury. The reality is many artists are struggling-hustling through the day-to-day, attempting to eat from their art. Healthcare is a luxury and the situation with DJ Kool Herc, the father of Hip-Hop, is bringing to light the seriousness that millions of Americans are without medical insurance.

The Obama Health Care Plan, promises to assist those who are daily slipping thru the cracks, however if a certain party has its way the dream of health care for many will fade, leaving Americans uninsured. What can we do? Whatever side you are on, for or against a health care plan, you need to contact your political leaders. Exercise your voice and your vote. It does matter. Egypt is reminding us that there is strength in numbers when we all stand on common ground.

It’s going to take a few years to sort this health care thing out. In the meantime you can support DJ Kool Herc. Show him your appreciation for all he’s done for this thing called Hip Hop.

Donations can be made via address:

P.O. BOX 20472

or you can wire you donations thru his sister internationally via paypal to this address:


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