Aero Soul 2: Urban Hieroglyphics

The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society presents a month long ‘cultural celebration’, The Aero Soul Art 2 Exhibit at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Downtown Oakland.

The opening ceremonies took place Friday, February 4, 2011. Before we got in, we knew the event was hot. Approximately 60-75 people were standing outside; some waiting to get in, others who were still in awe of the magic their eyes beheld. We paid our entrance fees and walked in to some of the most amazing spray paints I had ever seen. Artists from New York to California had created a menagerie of graffiti comparable to featured modern artists today. The pieces ranged from traditional ‘tagging’ to portrait pieces. Creators were in the house instructing young artists in the house, along with a DJ who spun old school. The gallery was so packed that we could barely move around.

The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society is hosting events at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, located off 14th and Broadway, all month long. February 12th there’ll be an Urban Calligraphy workshop and on February 18th a discussion on arts in the classroom takes place. For more information, click here. You must see this incredible body of work.
* Billie Holiday by Sano R.T.N.


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