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Just in from the desk of Margaret Tobias of Studio92 Music, new information on the latest The R.O.D. Project mixtape, 'The Drawing Board.'

Hip Hop Soul Artist R.O.D: Releases Drawing Board Mixtape on 1.11.11

January 11, 2011-Bay Area, CA-- Changes in the entertainment industry has made many recording artists quit the game, but not R.O.D. His success in 2010, catapulted his career with the song, “Can’t Stand You,” as he graced the stages of the KMEL House of Soul, Summer Jam and to the countdown on BET’s 106 & Park. R.O.D. has always given crowds lots of energy, a soulful sound and tons of charisma. His talent is undeniable and yet he stays as one of the most humble artists in the entertainment business.

This staying power has come to realization in a mixtape set to release on 1.11.11. With the legendary Tommy Mcelroy overseeing the project, R.O.D took it back to the beginning. Back to how it all began with just him and his producer Marc Garvey. The mixtape is not riddled with features, it’s simply R.O.D. “I hope my supporters appreciate the work I put in. “Drawing Board Mixtape” is me getting back to the basics and showing how I’ve grown,” R.O.D let’s the world know. "The Drawing Board" makes a statement on the building process he’s gone through as an artist. Starting off with a song, “Beautiful,” that has a universal message of acceptance and self-love. “This song is dedicated to all grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts. This is my ode to one of God’s greatest creations to mankind…women,” R.O.D. passionately shares with all his supporters.

Overall, the mixtape has 19 songs and includes titles such as “Closer,” a feel good song and a part two of the “people’s anthem,” “Can’t Stand You” Remix. You have to listen to the whole mixtape to ultimately learn what he meant when R.O.D said, “It’s time to start from the start.”

The Drawing Board will be available on iTunes in February. For those, who can’t wait; the mixtape will be dropping this Tuesday, 1.11.11 hosted by DJ Slowpoke. Follow to get the free download link.


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