Get Back

We are so fortunate, here in the Bay Area, to have talent pouring out of our pores. What's even nicer is, the Bay is finally recognizing there is strength in numbers. Although not new, collectives are becoming more popular and artists of all types are coming together to create beautiful, and profitable unions. One such union is Getback Productions, "...a Bay Area-based collaborative dedicated to creating, inspiring and supporting the arts we love. Through the mediums of music, film, and theater, we explore the possibilities of creative expression, and help keep good art in rotation." The Get Back consists of Slam champion and writer, Rafael Casal; actor, rapper, and spoken word artist, Daveed Diggs; and poet and playwright, Chinaka Hodge, East Bay Express' 2008 Best Poet.

The trio has begun a new work in the form of a web series, 'Get Live' featuring local artists on their website, The premiere video stars Berkeley native Netta Brielle singing, "That Boy is Dope." Check out the video below, that features a short interview with Cool Hand Luke of 38th Notes fame and peep Ms Lilly Renee on background vocals.


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