Vtech Features singer Bilal, Is This Love?

-c is super-infatuated with the singer Bilal. She loves the improvisation of his vocal and lyrical style, the fact that he's not the status quo musically, and the fact that he shares the same first name as her Boo. She lucked up on a couple of videos on of all places The Sounds of Vtech website. Yes, the same Vtech of telephone and children's game player fame.

Says Vtech writers of Bilal:

"Bilal Oliver is one of the most important singers of our generation. A classically trained singer, this Philadelphia native reaches for a sound that is beyond the limitations of genre. Having only officially released one album, his debut First Born Second in 2001, Bilal has managed to increase audiences’ interest in his music the longer he is away. His brilliant second album leaked in 2006, and while his label ultimately decided against releasing Love For Sale the positive feedback from fans and critics worldwide acknowledged that Bilal was only beginning to develop as an artist. Having collaborated with luminaries such as J Dilla, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Robert Glasper, there is no one other artist quite like him."

Here's Bilal covering Bob Marley's Is This Love. Enjoy!

The Sounds of VTech / bilal_isthislove_web   


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