Poe Picasso: “An Artist True to his Art”

The internet is a miraculous entity that has bridged many worlds together. On a fluke I ran into this gentleman’s manager and immediately was transported into a musical realm where creativity meets a lyrical spirituality.

Who is Poe Picasso?

Messianic (mes•si•an•ic) Adj. 1. Relating to the belief that someone or something will bring about a complete transformation of the existing social order.

In this time of need, we will all look to one, Poe Picasso. In hip-hop's darkest hour, He brings truth to the light, sparking fire in the darkness. He embodies the artistic ingenuity of Pablo Picasso and the vivid imagery of Edgar Allan Poe; part artist, part poet; part MC, part noble savant.

Hailing from the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, Poe Picasso elicits the type of praise and admiration that was once only reserved for New York's holy trinity (Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas). A street scholar fully immersed in the art form and culture, Poe has evoked comparisons to some of NYC's most highly regarded MC's. Exposure to the vaunted work of luminaries past, coupled with the culturally diverse sounds emanating through the borough of Kings has molded Poe's unique musical outlook and sound. That sound is further enhanced by the innovative and dynamic duo of Problem Child and Architect, Poe’s childhood friends and in-house producers.

A gifted lyricist, Poe expresses his mature world-view and insight with a profoundness that is the product of a rare street acumen seldom seen in hip-hop today. Effortlessly weaving stark observations of the everyday struggle with the universalistic claims of life's truths, Poe comfortably conveys trials and tribulations and victories and triumphs through an accessible and smooth delivery. With a scathing wit and raw prose, Poe is unabashedly carrying Brooklyn on his back.

Emerging from the shadows of darkness, Poe is the light and voice for the young and disenfranchised, providing street sermons that match a swagger hitherto unseen. Armed with an ungodly flow and the ability to cater to hip-hop purists and mainstream audiences alike, there is absolutely nothing inhibiting this egregiously refined talent. Stay tuned as God given artistry lends way to musical innovation and ethereal success. For all serious press and business inquiries, contact MAKIN at historyinthemakin@gmail.com. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/poepicasso


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