The Art of Development

Many of clients come to us initially seeking development. A development program, whether self-propelled or directed professionally, should be a staple of your quarterly, yearly, and five year plans. Expanding your knowledge of self, business practices, and staying contemporary is what attracts those things that are important for you.

What should your development plan include?

A plan should contain an element of spiritual growth. We are spiritual beings and we must first center our inner selves to create. Meditation, prayer, and deep contemplation are all mechanisms that can facilitate a union with self.

Create avenues to learn more about the craft. Books, seminars, and classes can all help. The internet holds a wealth of information. If you can invest the time, there are tons of webinars, online classes, and data that can be researched to further your goals.

Practice makes perfect. Create opportunities to practice what you’ve learned. Being a shy person, years ago I practiced talking to folks. I would go to networking events and force myself to chat with a pre-determined amount of folks. Lame, I know, but I no longer have the fear of speaking with people face to face. Again using contemplation, be your own therapist and locate the origin of your fears. If there is an area where you know you lack, make up for the deficit by researching that particular area on your own or with a trained professional.

Lastly, set goals. I can’t tell you how many people have actually said to us, “I’m going to get in the studio and blow up.” Really?! Create a roadmap of how you’re going to get there. If you’re a business owner create a business plan. An artist, build a team. Whatever it is, visualize how you’re going to produce the goal, then put that vision on paper. From there on, you only need to tweak and follow; tweak and follow.


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