Reviving Soul ~ SMBTB Conference June 25 & 26, 2010

Epic music conventions, such as ‘How Can I Be Down’, ‘Gavin’’, and’ the Urban Network’, provided up-and-coming as well as established music industry attendees, the opportunity to network, to learn from each other, and provided a chance for managers to shop the newest and latest musical stars to entertainment community members. As labels and artists became more independent, and the world-wide-web opened the industry to more players, the need for these types of conferences changed. With the exception of SXSW-which added film and multimedia to its platform in 1994- this aspect of the music industry is barely alive.

Intent on reviving life into the conference arena, Tracy Reed, founder of the Soul Music Bay the Bay Conference will bring the conference experience to Oakland, California June 25-26, 2010. Oakland is a known staple in the industry and in recent years has birthed the careers of Tony Toni Tone’, Ledisi, Keisha Cole, Goaple, hip-hop duo Zion-i, and American Idol’s, Latoya London. Record companies abound and producers, singers, musicians waiting for that one big break proliferates the Bay Area. Few however, take the time to educate themselves and network within the industry. Soon their careers become as lifeless as the music recording conference industry.

Reed’s goal is for the Soul Music By The Bay Conference is for attendees to get vital information that can be applied to their career as an artist, musician, or executive running an independent or major label. To accomplish this, Reed has secured over a dozen of the music industry’s top talent, including keynote speaker, producer/singer/musician Michael Winger-President of the San Francisco chapter of the Recording Academy (GRAMMY). Other panelists include, singer and musician, Martin Luther, recently featured on the Mo’Nique show (BET); Tremaine Williams Flyte Tyme/Six7 Music; James “Pharaoh” Brown songwriter/producer for the GRAMMY award winning hit, “Blame It,” featured on Jamie Foxx’s album, Intuition; and other national, international, and Bay Area executives.

Reed, who’s earned a BA in Law Studies from St. Mary’s College and a Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in Florida, was once an aspiring vocalist. She viewed mistreatment of artists while coming up thru the ranks of entertainment and started her own company, TraMai Entertainment to change it. “I saw how a lot of artist were being treated and taken advantage of in the music industry. I saw how people were trying to take away from soul music and transform it into different forms.” The goal is to keep soul music, defined by Reed as “music from the heart,” close to its traditional form while being innovative and contemporary at the same time.

The entertainment convention scene has been stagnant for some time. Reed hopes to change that with the Soul Music By The Bay Conference. The two-day conference and its accompanying showcases are geared to arm attendees with knowledge and access. Reed’s goal is to turn the conference into a festival like convention atmosphere similar to the Essence Festival and SXSW. Attendees can register for the conference by visiting; and to find news and other information, locate Soul Music By The Bay on Twitter, Facebook, and For more information on Tracy Reed please visit


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