Pericon16: More Than A Scope

Attendees of the 2016 PeriCon Conference held in Atlanta, GA this past weekend were presented with tips and tools about developing their businesses; more so than advice on being behind the lens of Periscope. PeriCon 16 founder, Jai Stone, brought together a diverse group of business coaches and professionals who presented topics such as technology trends, sales funnels, branding, copyrights & trademarks, and much more. Panelist provided concrete tips and their best trade secrets on how to succeed in business using the latest business strategies and techniques. Those expecting simple presentations, with general information were in for a surprise as attendees were asked thought provoking questions intended to help propel their businesses forward. Going a step above their daily scopes, the Periscopers who did present at the conference offered their best practices and services. Pericon16 was also about building relationships with those we watch on the screen. Attendees were able to link up with people they have only corresponded with in scopes and meet new Scopers. As attendees networked, business cards and several deals were made in the process. At the end of the day during the Impact Q & A session, testimonials abounded on how the conference helped to connect the dots or offered a new perspective on developing businesses.

Mario Armstrong with Dr. Thomas Mensah

My only gripe about the conference was that there were too many sessions and not enough time. Conference presenters were forced to speed through their content before being told they had 15 mins left for Q & A. And attendees, like myself, were forced to make hard choices on which panels to attend or divide our time between two panels to take in the content. This was made up though, as we had fun dancing to tunes provided by Never SettleClub founder, Mario Armstrong between panels and paid tribute to Prince, singing along to his most popular hits.

Mario Armstrong, Jai Stone, and Kim Coles

The one of the highlights of the conference were the keynote addresses by founder Jai Stone and by actress Kim Coles. Each expressed the difficulties and struggles they have encountered along the way and how they were able to overcome them. My favorite quote from Jai Stone’s address was, “When I won, I vowed to make it a habit.” Jai Stone also articulated her desire to help as many entrepreneurs as possible along the way. Kim Coles shared her GIFTS, providing inspiration, intention and her personal triumphs with the crowd, while providing funny antidotes to those who could relate to her struggle. Both provided major announcements as Jai Stone has been inducted into the Forbes Coaching Council and Kim Coles is starting a professional speaking academy, But the biggest announcement of the conference, is that PeriCon will be rebranded to Catapult Me. Jai Stone explained her decision to change the name of the conference due to the fact that it had little to do with Periscope and more to do with business solutions. In fact, there were probably only two-three panels that were centered around themes that could help attendees with their Periscopes. So if you are in Atlanta, GA February 24th and 25th, 2017 get ready to catapult your business to the next level. 


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