Sneak Peek: Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story

We will hear plenty from famed football star Marshawn Lynch in his first film feature, Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story. Mario Bobino (Debonair Productions) released a teaser today of the film that begins with the Oakland native's high school football career and ends with his 2014 Super Bowl championship. Says Lynch of the film, "For me, it's just about having some fun... It's just a fun experience. I also get to shine light on the community and some of the things that we grew up doing and what we went through."

Written by Damon Hart, the film is co-produced by Ramasses Head (History In The Making Entertainment) and Shirley Sharp. Actress Jonez Cain (An Argument, Nina's Hot Spot) plays Lynch's mom, Sunshine Lynch, in the movie.



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