M. Shawn Cunningham breaks out of film and does The Dirty with new series

Linked in a maze of crime and deception, actors Jonez Cain, Reginald Garner, Amanda Doss, and Michael Grayson get into The Dirty, a web series produced by BlackFloor Entertainment’s M. Shawn Cunningham.

The Dirty premieres tonight at 8:30 pm (PST) on TheDirtyWebSeries.com.

The Dirty comes on the heels of Fruitvale Station’s (Ryan Coogler) success, that’s created a boon for urban independent film in Oakland. The film’s accomplishments have created a confidence in indie directors and producers resulting in new independent films each month. Cunningham had his share of the fun with the success of The Shop, but has broken out of the box with his new web series TheDirty.  Set in Oakland, the series is reminiscent of The Wire and now Scandal with a killer plot of twists and turns.  

Shortly after it began filming The Dirty experienced a twisted variation of its own when another production company got flat out dirty and lured a group of actors away. The project moved underground locking down all details of the series tighter than Fort Knox. It delayed the process but did not stop the resolve of the actors from pushing forward. In fact, it gave them purpose. Tonight you will have the opportunity to see what purpose and preparation have birthed.

If you like suspense, thrill, and uncertainty, check out The Dirty. Live tweet with Cunningham and the cast of @TheDirtySeries, using the hashtag #TheDirtyWeb. More information on the series can also be found on Facebook.com/TheDirtyWebseries.


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