LKB Photography, provides photographic services to small and medium-sized businesses, industry professionals, families and non-profits for all of their photography needs by creating beautiful shots that serve the client's interest.

j- had the pleasure of of interviewing Lydia K. Boudouin, proprietor of the
LKB Photography and her newest entity LBKRadio.

You do a variety of work in the entertainment industry.  How did you get started?Yes, I do work within numerous elements in the industry. I got started primarily with my photography business, LKB Photography, in 2007 which is the sponsoring vehicle for LKB Radio and my Marketing Consulting efforts. I decided to start doing photography for events.  I have been working in the Marketing field since 2007 and have always been active in small business, so I decided to merge them all together last year in 2010 to provide Photography, Music Marketing, and small business consulting in the entertainment industry.

How long have you been photographer?
I have been providing professional photographic services since 2007.

You shoot a lot of Urban fashion, is this your inspiration?
Yes, I would have to say that the urban arts inspire my style quite a bit, but I also like to soften things up a bit so you will catch a few dreamy shots on there as well.

Outside of photography and journalism, are you involved in any other creative art forms?
Yes, I do dabble in a bit of graphic design, I also do commercial modeling and have recently began to incorporate videography into my photography business to expand the range of services I provide.

You oversee radio, promotion, and, photography. Do you have a team that assists you, or are you are doing everything yourself?
You know, ha ha, I am working on that, but as of right now, I am carrying all the efforts for each establishment. It is a passion of mine and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What types of artists can we expect to hear on LKB radio?
With LKB Radio, I like to venture underground and see primarily what the Bay Area has to offer that the mainstream may be missing. You will catch a bit of Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Neo-Soul…I’m hoping to get some Jazz artists on there soon. I don’t believe music has many limits, its all about the creative mind and its so educational at the same time so you will be hearing a lot more range from LKB Radio in the coming months.

You are heard across the United States, what has the response been like from your listeners?
I’ve gotten some very positive and encouraging feedback from my listeners so far. They seem to like my outgoing personality and the professionalism in the interviews. I like to bring my energy into each show because I know there are a lot of people who can relate to what I am saying, and those that don’t, I hope to create a visual for them in the way I explain things since they can’t actually see me. I have really appreciated all the feedback overall.

What has been your most memorable interview?
Hmmm, my most memorable…I would have to say my interview with Mainy Mike. I was extremely nervous, and I did not know how it was going to go, but the love that the callers showed toward the guest that night really uplifted me. It was inspiring to see that kind of support for a young artist and it really made me want to push my show even harder and its been a great experience ever since.

If posed with your last interview, who would have the pleasure of blessing your mic for the last time?
I think I would have a reunion show! Any and everybody that I could get on the show for the night would be included and we would just have a BALL! Ha ha! That would be ideal. But I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to LKB Radio just yet, it’s still my baby. There will be a LOT more shows coming…

Not only do you do radio, but have promotion tied into it. What types of promotional opportunities do you provide for artists?
I think that one of the biggest issues new artist face is funding their dream. One thing that I have brought up on my shows that I stress is the value of investing in yourself. Some sacrifices are just worth it. For music artists and business professionals, I offer monthly and weekly promotion packages, as low as $10 a week and what they get for that price is basically 2 songs, images, or text passages that they want promoted tweeted for 3 days, radio play of both songs or mention of the text passage, email blast once a week and a facebook premiere. The packages get better depending on how much they would like to pay such as a website feature on the landing page of our main site, radio commercial etcetera.

What's next for LKB Radio and ImagineLKB?
Well, I am definitely excited about what is coming up next for LKB Radio and ImagineLKB, I am planning on expanding. I am going to be doing some off-site interviews and traveling and those live interviews will actually be available for viewing on my YouTube channel, ImagineLKB TV, and hoping to create some partnerships that will prove to be very beneficial. I know I am going to be hosting some events soon but I am still waiting on the details for that. God is good, so we will just have to wait and see.

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Listen here to the latest LKBRadio interview with R&B artist Khela.


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