Tessa Evans is 'Too Much of a Good Thing'

Check out the video from our sultry soul sista, Tessa Evans.

From her myspace page: "Take torchy jazz ballads from the 40's, contemporary neo soul, blues, and a dash of quirky art pop and you have Tessa Evans’ ever changing set list. From the Bay Area to Los Angeles Tessa Evans has softly, yet strongly reminded us all that music is alive and well in the Sacramento and Bay Area markets. Tessa Evans has managed to amass a wake of ardent fans wherever she performs. Supported by her stellar band, The Soul Mosaic, her musical tableau effortlessly spans genres and decades. Tessa's voice reminds you of a time when digital pitch correction wasn't readily available, and singers had to know their voice inside out. Her style has been distilled from artists like Anita Baker, Erykah Badu, Rickie Lee Jones, and Billie Holiday..."


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