Burn Baby, Burn!

The summer season for BPE is winding down, and to be honest we are feeling it. Events, meetings, networking events, and project management can all work towards an elevated stress level that ignites into burnout. Looking to put the fire out? Listed below are some of the tips and tools we use to cool everything down.

Think balance. Are there too many eggs in one basket? Have you given away the eggs that belong in your basket? Burnout often occurs when we don’t stick our schedules or when we attempt to squeeze in one more thing. Admit it; you can’t do all. Learn what constitutes your balanced life, and then stick to your guns even if that means scheduling housework, exercise, visits with friends, and rest periods. Not a schedule person? Create a list. Jot things down daily and cross them off as completed. Crossing things off creates a sense of accomplishment and helps create the habit of sticking to the list. Schedule time in your day to go over your list so that tasks do not become overwhelming; create milestones or mini goals to help pace the work.

“Know when to hold them, know when to fold them.” We can’t be everywhere at all times. Yes, it is important to network and meet new people, but going to event after event can be draining especially if you are networking within the same circles. Connect with your regular folks digitally or over the phone, with regular meetings in-between. Save prime time for occasions where you’ll meet new people. Don’t forget to schedule time to stay connected with the new friends you’ll meet. Connections don’t have to be in person-again digital notes, phone calls, and old fashioned snail mail will do.

Get some help. From time to time, BPE hires interns who are interested in learning about the music industry. This affords us time for more pertinent things, and also provides an opportunity for us to give back. Make sure interns are contracted under proprietary and/or confidentiality agreements to ensure information remains in-house. Have the intern’s schedule mapped out so that you aren’t wasting time creating projects as you go. Help can also come in the form of education. The adage “work smarter, not harder,” comes into play when we learn of new innovations that shorten the time of menial tasks.

Get some rest. I schedule two specific times a year, both off-season, to travel. The schedule was created after recognizing burnout creeping in during these times. I schedule no business meetings, and try not to hook up with associates in other cities. Coming back, refreshed with a renewed sense of purpose is its reward. The body and mind are not machines. Proper rest rejuvenates and refreshes, and also includes proper diet and exercise. Taking care of the body is the first step towards leading a balanced life. Time away from home usually involves good food, lush surroundings, and the best amenities that I can afford.

Balance is the reward for a job well done.


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