Sweet Tweet ~ King

Our Tuesday night meeting ran way later than usual. Because of the subject matter, I was giddy off excitement (details coming soon) and needed to wind down, not only because of the time, but because I had to get up early the next morning.

I laid down, but my mind was still active, so I began browsing Twitter timelines to see what had gone on in the world during the last 4 hours. I kept seeing, @weareking; first from Phonte' of the Foreign Exchange (love) and then
?uestlove. Their exchanges were laced with 'thank you's', 'OMG!'s, and other exclamations of joy.

"What's this about?" I thought to myself. I clicked the link and was transported to REAL music. Three girls from Minnesota and Los Angeles pooled their musical talents to form King. Like my other Tweetlings, I had fallen in love.

It gives me great pleasure to ‘introduce to some and present to others’ King.

THANK YOU for contributing to our 4000th view. We consider it a great joy to serve you, and appreciate all the precious moments you share with us here when you could be somewhere else. Peace and Love ~ BPE


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