Rainbow Popp ~ J'anelle Avery

At first glance, J’anelle Avery looks like some sort of exotic model, a gorgeous face and eccentric playfulness that makes you wonder, “Who is she?” There is no easy answer to that question, the real question is “Who isn’t she?” A lyricist, a pop star, a diva, a punk rock fashionista, a prima donna, a chameleon. J’anelle Avery is a decadent taste of everything, rolled up in a bright colored wrapper she calls Rainbow Popp.

If you don’t like to be surprised, this rising star may not be right for you. She is never the same, constantly morphing right before your eyes. With every word she sings you discover a new piece of the complex puzzle that is J’anelle Avery. This pop starlet brings an effervescent burst of energy to a predictable industry with her bold style, off the wall attitude, and captivating talent. And the people are eating her up like candy.

After the release of just one single she is already being hailed as one of the hottest indie artists on the internet. In March 2010 J’anelle released her debut single “Hammer At It,” an electronic infused challenge to the sexes, daring a woman to play the tease and demanding for every man who wants a chance to give it all or go home. The song received the Platinum Auddy award through the site uPlaya.com, their highest honor, indicating that “Hammer At It” was a sure-fire hit. Within days of its release the song received airplay in Turkey and Japan, and hit the top of several internet charts, and remains on the top 10 of many sites to this day. Her song is in rotation on internet stations across the globe, all without a record deal or contract.

In addition to the overwhelming support of “Hammer At It,” on the web, J’anelle has been chosen as a featured artist on several websites, including Stereofame.com, AMAhits.com and many more. In July, she was chosen by Tali Smith, LL Cool J’s daughter, as “Lady of the Week,” on boomdizzle.com, an indie music site owned and founded by LL Cool J himself. J’anelle’s club knocking single has opened doors for her to perform at music festivals all over Texas and California, including the 60th annual Juneteenth Music Festival in San Francisco, as well as being chosen as a spotlight artist for many local music events.

Outside of her work in music, J’anelle is an avid philanthropist, dedicating her time to projects like the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, as well as work with local organizations including the Lend A Hand Foundation which offers school supplies to poor families. J’anelle has a long history of volunteering, and gives herself and her music regularly to help those in need. J’anelle Avery is truly a rainbow to the world, bringing light and positivity through everything she does, all while maintaining style and an incredible work ethic.

J’anelle Avery plans to continue pursuing her career in the entertainment industry, writing new songs and releasing more great music to the public. With her next release entitled “Bad Money,” J’anelle has stepped outside her boundary box and captured something truly exciting. The song features Janelle’s unique voice over a hypnotizing club beat singing a gritty hook that chants, “I want Bad Money” in a way only a pop diva knows how. J’anelle hopes to reach more fans and perform for bigger audiences, and intends to take her music straight to the top, and at the rate she is going, there is no doubt she is well on her way.

J’anelle is currently the featured artist of the month on 247 Radio Network and is awaiting the release of “Bad Money,” due mid October. 247 Radio, a La’s Vegas based radio station, will be debuting her song exclusively as well as conducting a live interview with J’anelle on the air. J’anelle is known to be an incredible interviewee, wowing audiences with her intelligence and humor, as well as her incredible personality. With her unique style and ever-flowing positivity and charisma, J’anelle Avery is the face of a new generation. She does it all and she does it her way. Not just a pretty face, but an entertainer, a star, and soon to be a legend. Love her or hate her, you will respect her. And you will never forget her.

Visit J'anelle at www.janelleavery.net


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