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Jo'nez Cain stars in her own movie marathon
Independent film 'Watch Phoenix Rise' starring actress Jo'nez Cain now on Hulu
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - May 4, 2017 - PRLog -- Jo'nez Cain is an actress on The Grind. Chronicling her story with a FB Live series of the same name, she's made a career for herself on the San Francisco Bay Area independent film circuit. A woman of faith, Jo'nez is blessed to have acted in major films (Fruitvale Station, I'm In Love With A Church Girl), television (Cover, Wives With Knives, Sex Sent Me to the Slammer), and several films that are now available via digital streaming with Hulu.

New to Hulu, Watch Phoenix Rise is the story of Phoenix. "Phoenix is just another "pretty face" in the hood until she decides to become an urban model. Jonez plays Phoenix's fast and street-wise cousin, Sasha who attempts to lead Phoenix into the wrong profession. Says Cain of the character Sasha, "She's everything I'm not." Watch Phoenix Rise on Hulu now:

Watch Phoenix Rise can also be purchased at Walmart stores with Jo'nez's other films, The Shop (BlackFloor Productions), Basketball 3:16 (Pharoah Films), Straight Outta Oakland (Touch The Heart Productions), and Hunting Season (History In The Making Films).

Jo'nez Cain is currently filming a television pilot, new episodes on Discovery ID, and has secured a part in an upcoming movie. Follow her on Facebook using the moniker @JonezCaintheEntertainer ( to see what she's up to next!

A better life for his family and himself is the catalyst for San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker Christopher Ellis, writer and director of Hopes Identity

The nearly packed audience at the Hopes Identity premiere screening received the inside scoop on what drove writer, director, producer Christopher Ellis of Ceezar Films to become a filmmaker.   Inspired by his father’s aspirations of a better life his children, Ellis a former Nummi employee, saw the plant closure as an opportunity to live up to his father’s goals and began to take film classes at San Francisco’s Bay Area Video Coalition. Diligently pursuing like-minded goals for his own children, Ellis released his first film Cover at the Oakland International Film Festival last year. His sophomore film Hopes Identity which looks at interracial relationships, opened today at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland.

Both Cover and Hopes Identity challenge typecasting; a common theme in Ellis scripts. Inspired by his nephew’s relationship, Ellis looks at the sometimes societal and familial disdain of interracial relationships that Ellis says isn’t fueled by racism but by stereotypes. Through the love of Demarcus Johnson played by Michael Grayson and Cynthia Evans played by Brittany Williams the audience is shown how fragile love in a “post-racial society” can be due to this stereotyping. In one scene Cynthia is introduced to Demarcus’ family and gets more than a friendly hello.  Says actress Jonez Cain (Cover; Basketball 3:16, Fruitvale Station) “I played Gina the prying cousin of Demarcus. She gives the new girlfriend a hard time and a mouth full while Gina’s sister, played by Michelle Grayson, helps get the match started.” The audience resonated with Cain’s character citing in a few questions how recognizable Gina and her sister were in relation to members of their own families and their stance on interracial dating.  Ellis also pointed out that for younger generations society is in a more accepting place.

Ellis plans to show the film again in Oakland on September 7th in Berkeley, CA and has scheduled screenings in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Monterey, and Sacramento. While thanking his wife Kisha and the cast, Ellis spoke of the importance of showing gratitude. He directed the audience to thank those who have helped paved the way for personal projects. The film was received well by the audience who had many questions for the writer/director and cast. For more information on Hopes Identity visit or you can tweet Christopher Ellis directly @TheCeezer.

Pharoah Powell revamps The Art of Dreaming into The Pharoah Films Television Show

Pharoah Powell is a man on a mission to dominate every aspect of television and film. Fusing his efforts into a collaborative branding package, Powell changed the name of his year-long and successfully running television show, The Art of Dreaming to The Pharoah Films Television Show. Taking his brand to the next level Powell will introduce three new hostesses, Janay, Tina Gilton, and Jonez Cain who will assist him in bringing the San Francisco Bay Area the latest information on the happening of arts and entertainment scene in the Bay, as well as his upcoming films.

Powell, known for films Basketball 3:15 the Oakland Indie Film Festival release, Watch Phoenix Rise, is also the co-founder of the Where Media Meets Studios where a portion of the show is filmed. Where Media Meets houses a full production studio with photographic, television, and film capabilities.

The Pharoah Films Television Show gives artists of all levels an opportunity to showcase their talents to a broader audience. Past guests of the show include David Roach founder of the Oakland Indie Film Festival, the cast of Hope's identity, and actress and now host, Jonez Cain (Fruitvale Station).

Catch The Pharoah Films Television Show weekly on KOFY-TV 20 on Saturdays at 3pm. More information can be found at Also follow Powell on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter under the handles PharoahFilms.

Big Spence's Milk Money shines at Bay Area debut in Berkeley, California 
Friday, June 14, 2013 the Black Reparatory Theatre hosted the Bay Area debut of Milk Money, written and produced by Big Spence of Touch The Heart productions. Just One Night, written by and starring, Kimberly Pratt preceded the debut. Both films were directed by Samm Styles of Supreme Pictures. Pianist Kev Choice composed the score for Milk Money and performed it live delighting the packed house.

Set in the year 2030 Milk Money is a futuristic tale detailing the hard-hitting quandary of the main character Banneker, played by the writer Big Spence. Films such as Milk Money, Fruitvale Station, and Basketball 3:16 all show the dichotomy urban men face between “keeping it real” and the moral, social, and sometimes religious beliefs they battle in doing so. Says writer, producer, and actor Pharoah Powell of Pharoah Films, “It's an age old question like Shakespeare said 'to be or not to be' the whole purpose of that question is how do you define yourself. And due to systematic disenfranchisement and the legacy of slavery black men in America seemed to have the hardest times defining themselves. As artists and men of color we have a duty to put forth art that reflects a positive image that can help those exposed to it begin to identify themselves in a truer nature as opposed to the pressure that society places on us to be real which usually means that we act out in an anti-social nature.”

A man of many talents, Big Spence received his handle from actor Will Smith. He began his acting career as a youth and since has worked on a myriad of films including Moneyball, Watch Phoenix Rise, and Pursuit of Happyness, where he met Smith. Desiring to be seen in front and back of the camera, Spence created Touch The Heart productions. TTH productions is a Christian production company created to produce inspirational films. Milk Money is the first film from the production company, where the next film The American Dream is in postproduction. TTH begins filming Set Me Free in August of this year.

In support of Milk Money were many independent filmmakers including Christopher Webb, Ramasses Head, Pharoah Powell, and M. Shawn Cunningham. The film was well received and left the audience with a bit of a cliff-hanger. Also appearing in the film are actors Alphonso Thompson, Phaethon Delvin Brown, Ahku, and singer Baby Jaymes. For more information on Milk Money visit the Facebook page, or visit
Sources: Swagga Digital Magazine

Movie Premiere Dates Announced for Fruitvale Station and The Shop featuring Bay Area actress Jonez Cain
Actress Jonez Cain, after debuting Cover and Watch Phoenix Rise at this year’s Oakland Independent Film Festival, will appear in four films this year including Sean Cunningham’s The Shop premiering May 13, 2013, and Fruitvale Station, produced in conjunction with The Weinstein Company and Significant Productions (Forrest Whitaker and Nina Yang).

Jonez Cain plays the character Danae in Fruitvale Station set in the Bay Area where the actress calls home. “In addition to playing Danae, I had the best time as Octavia Spencer’s stand-in. Walking in her shoes, so to speak, was surreal because I could see myself in that place soon. It was as if I was being prepared for my next big role. I had a ball working with the lead cast.”
Cast as the character Vicki, Cain is the glue that holds everything together at The Shop. The Shop is an action-packed heist surrounding the activities of an auto mechanic shop. Bay Area Ghetto Retro crooner Baby Jaymes also makes a cameo appearance in the film.

 Cain’s next movie Selling Dreams is currently in production. It will be the actress’ third film with the indie film house, Famous Filmworks. Find out more about The Shop at Fruitvale Station is a Sundance Grand Jury and Audience award winning movie and will be in limited release beginning July 26, 2013. See Jonez in action! Visit

Bloomingdale Celebrates Black History in the kitchen with Chef Nikki
Chef Erica “Nikki” Cooper will be the Special guest on Saturday, February 23, 2013 for Bloomingdale’s (SF) “Celebrates Black History Month in the kitchen with Chef Nikki.” She’ll be cooking some of her family’s favorite dishes that have been passed down from her grandparents, to their children, to the Chef, and now her children; and now she’s sharing it with the world.

Chef Nikki had the honor of hosting Bloomingdale’s Thanksgiving cooking demonstration back in November 2012. Chef Nikki is the owner of Two Jack Seafood Restaurant with two locations in the city of San Francisco, CA. Two Jack’s first open its doors in 1977 in the Haight-Ashbury district serving the community, and eventually the world, with the best seafood in town. Nikki’s parents Almeta and Stephen Perry introduced their version of Southern style fried fish to San Francisco 30 years ago and now their daughter has expanded the restaurant and her cooking skills from fried fish to other Southern American comfort traditions.  Two Jack’s Nik’s Place is a fresh twist on a 30 year San Francisco tradition. Many from all around have come and are ultimately surprised that the small corner storefront bursts with huge delightful tastes that have them coming back for seconds. 

On February 23, 2012, Chef Nikki and San Francisco Bloomingdale’s will once again collaborate, and this time she will be preparing her family traditions:  fried shrimp and okra, smoke gouda and green onion hushpuppies, white rice, Sunday dinner fried chicken, garlic mash potatoes, Mama’s quick coleslaw, apple pie biscuits, never soggy banana pudding, and honey sweet tea. Please come and join us. Not only will she share some of her family secrets, but you will be able to sample all of these tasty dishes. The event takes place at Bloomingdale’s, Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 12pm-2pm on the first floor in the Culinary department. For more information about Chef Nikki, please visit Two Jack’s website at,

Baby Jaymes ‘Streets’ video strolls up the California Music Channel Charts fifty-five steps
Los Angeles based, alternative soul artist Baby Jaymes (Any Given Sunday, Malibu’s Most Wanted, and CBS series NCIS) celebrates a steady stride up the CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL video charts. In less than a month the “Streets” video, featuring Bay Area rapper The Jacka, has moved from the 135th position to number 95. Named the “number one local/regional Pop television station at Billboard Magazine's 21st Annual Music Video Conference, CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL, (@CMCTV), is one of the longest running and most successful local music video services in the country,” and is also housed the San Francisco Bay Area where Baby Jaymes grew up.

“Streets” featuring the Jacka, is the creative vision of Ghetto Retro artist Baby Jaymes and director John Primo. Filmed in Oakland, Baby Jaymes narrates a story that is not his own, but one fueled by an imaginative journey that strikes upon the complexities of urban living. “Streets” was one of those spontaneously created songs. Producer Marc Garvy started on a track and while creating it, the entire melody and hook popped into my head. I went home and worked out the lyrics and recorded the vocal in one session. It was one of the fastest songs I've ever recorded.”

Slowly and steadily, “Streets” is winning world-wide attention having shown in Sweden and France. Its placement on CMC is significant as, “Nielsen Media Research confirm that during its time period CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL routinely outdraws all competing national cable music networks,” for the 18-49 demographic, which makes Baby Jaymes success at home more meaningful.

To view and request “Streets” featuring the Jacka, visit the CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL website, "Streets" can be purchased online at iTunes. For more information on Baby Jaymes go to

Musical Chairs, anyone?  Musical diversity abounds at the 2012 California Music Industry Summit with special guests, E-40 and Betty Wright
For the 3rd year in a row, the California Music Industry Summit will be the place to be for lovers of live music in the San Francisco Bay Area.  @CMIS2012, as it’s alternately known, brings musical delights from local, national, and international artists along with a wealth of information at the annual entertainment conference. 

The 2012 California Music Industry Summit line-up this year is fierce, featuring the likes of 2011 Hollywood Music and Media Award nominee Khela, local Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Reggae band, Z’Amico, rapper Tab Danger, guitarist Mark Newman, and the band Sonny Boy, " of the best unsigned bands to come out of Minneapolis since Prince and The Time,” according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

 Taking place at the Oakland Hilton June 8-9, 2012, the California Music Industry Summit Kick-Off begins with a musical feast, Thursday, June 7th at the Stork Club with Dub favorite Counter Culture, well-known rapper J Lately, rockers T Clemente Band, guitarist Lisa Marie Johnson, singer Lilan Kane, and, three-time BAMMY winner, singer-songwriter and producer, Lea Sweet. Says three-time attendee Jeanette Bartholomew, “It’s remarkable the scope of talent CMIS brings in each year.  The caliber of artists is amazing.”

Come see the sights and hear the sounds of great talent.  For showcase tickets and more information about @CMIS2012, visit

POPLYFE Performs at the ‘SuperSATurday’ SAT/College Rally and Resource Fair
Laney College in Oakland is set to be the place for future college students this weekend at the ‘SuperSATurday’ College Rally and Resource Fair, featuring an appearance by Oakland’s own and America’s Got Talent Finalists, POPLYFE, on April 28, 2012 from 1PM – 5PM. This is a free event to provide college and SAT information and resources to future college bound students. The event will also feature free SAT Prep and College swag giveaways, performances, and celebrity guests including MTV’s Sway Calloway, Nio Tha Gift, and many others.

POPLYFE will be performing their new single “Get ‘Em” live at ‘superSATurday’, in addition to their breakout single “The World is My Dance Floor”. They will also be performing tunes from such artists as Jimi Hendrix and Prince, showcasing their musical style which ranges from Rock to Hip Hop and Classical to Jazz. There will be something for everyone to dance to. Each selection will showcase the musical diversity and talent of the band, as well as the passion and energy each POPLYFE member brings to the stage.

‘SuperSATurday’ is a multi-media outreach campaign targeting first-generation college bound students and families in the Bay Area. For more information call (510) 614-3000 or register online

Rapper E-40, shares music industry insight “In the Green Room” at the 2012 California Music Industry Summit in Oakland, California
The 2012 California Music Industry Summit 2012 will interview Bay Area and nationally known Rap artist E-40 as part of the “In the Green Room” segment. The “In the Green Room” segments allow CMIS attendees an intimate look into the mind of not only the talented rapper a.k.a. “Forty Fonzarelli” but also the chance to glean knowledge from, legendary singer Betty Wright, whose latest release was produced by the Hip-Hop band, The Roots.

Three years strong, the California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) takes place this year at the Oakland Hilton June 8-9, 2012. Internationally recognized, CMIS is "The Ultimate Platform for all Genres of Music!”. CMIS gives the emerging artist, the established artist, and the music industry professional the opportunity for professional development by demonstrating the newest trends in the today’s music industry. Attendees will experience two activity-filled days of workshops and panels lead by top entertainment industry experts. A tailor-made experience allows each attendee the prospect to leave CMIS 2012 armed with knowledge to take their own careers to the next level.

The California Music Industry Summit also opens the stage to independent artists who wish to expand their fan base and network with fellow musicians and industry executives. Both days of the conference will conclude with exciting music showcases featuring national and international artists, which are open to all genres of music.

The California Music Industry Summit is where creative people connect and cultivate professional relationships that can last a lifetime. For more information on CMIS 2012, visit: 

Director Jeremy Mooney teams with Khela, the Vocalist, on the highly anticipated video for the hit single, “Walk With Me.”
Khela, the Vocalist, is receiving accolades and acclaim for the just released video “Walk With Me.” The video shot by director Jeremy Mooney was filmed along the Santa Monica pier, with additional scenes in downtown Los Angeles. It captures the mellifluous nature of the song in visual form.
The video is gaining momentum with over 1000 viewers in less than a few days via Khela’s website, YouTube, and other music media sites such Hype Magazine. For Khela filming the video was “fun, exciting, new, and exhausting! I had to pull out my acting skills; something I've never done before.” Adding another level of excitement to that weekend, Khela received the news that she was nominated for the 2012 All Indie Music Awards in the best R&B/Soul Artist category.

The success of the video mirrors the success of the song that was nominated for a 2011 Hollywood Media and Music Award. The song is in rotation at radio stations across the States and across the pond in the United Kingdom. Khela continues to perform at venues in the Los Angeles area and will perform in the San Francisco Bay Area at various holiday events in the coming weeks.

“Walk With Me” is available for viewing on Khela’s website,, where you can also learn how you can participate in the 2012 All Indie Music Awards.

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